Introducing Nautel’s Award-Winning PhoneHome™

nautel-phone-home-pick-hit-awardWinner of a Radio World Pick Hit Award, Nautel PhoneHome is more than just a remote alarm system; it is a virtual watch dog that continuously monitors and logs all parameters of your transmitter, diagnosing problems sometimes before they can affect transmitter performance.

This means faster evaluation and recognition of problems at the transmitter site, fewer site visits and less off-air time. All of this results in real savings for the broadcaster.

Nautel PhoneHome is now available as a feature of the Advanced User Interface (AUI) on GV, NV, NVLT and VS Series transmitters. To access the PhoneHome feature, please ensure you are running the Latest Software >

Customers can configure the PhoneHome tool to choose what data is shared with Nautel customer support.

How to Activate PhoneHome

To activate PhoneHome:

It’s that simple! For more detail, see the AUI screen capture and notes at the bottom of this page.



PhoneHome is a system developed by Nautel that takes advantage of the vast amount of data collected by Nautel transmitters by proactively sending information to the cloud via the internet once a user enables PhoneHome on their transmitter.

This data includes logs, alarms and meter readings which are then stored in a database and can be analyzed by Nautel staff if an alarm is reported by the transmitter. Since all data is pushed out to Nautel by the transmitter to the cloud, there is no need to reconfigure your firewall and potentially compromise your transmitters security. All data transfers are one way.


Nautel Transmitters are intelligent, collecting data on nearly every aspect affecting your transmitters performance. When this data is used by Nautel customer support staff for diagnostics purposes it cuts down on repair time and gets you back on air faster.




Nautel customer service technicians can use PhoneHome to analyze data in real time, even accessing the live AUI, or to view the state of a customer’s transmitter at any time leading up to a fault.

This unique diagnostic approach allows Nautel support staff to take a trip back in time and review the events leading up to and during an alarm occurrence, giving customer service technicians valuable insight into how your transmitter is behaving before, during and after an alarm and how this behavior may be related to the alarm event.

To activate PhoneHome, select Nautel PhoneHome in the User Settings of the transmitter AUI and check the ‘Enable Participation in PhoneHome‘ check-box as shown in the screen capture (left). It’s that simple!

Provided your transmitter maintains a connection to the internet, it will send one-way data like status and alarm information to the PhoneHome servers for use by our Customer Service department in helping troubleshoot a problem if one should ever occur. If you ever need to allow a Nautel technician to make an adjustment, like modifying a preset for example, simple return to this screen and temporarily check the “Allow Remote Service” check-box.

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