Nautel’s engineering team is constantly pushing its expertise into new realms of innovation;
demonstrated by its digital broadcasting leadership and revolutionary approach to traditional transmitter design.

The following advanced solutions – many of which are award-winning – are examples of Nautel leadership and innovation.


Nautel’s innovative and award-winning built-in commercial grade instrumentation gives you full monitoring and control via a touch screen Advanced User Interface (AUI) and/or optional web access.

So whether you are on-site in front of your transmitter or at home on the web, 100% of the AUI is available to help you manage your transmitter. Imagine knowing in advance what parts and tools you’ll need at the transmitter site. Having that much control remotely can help you avoid trips, save time and save money.

The AUI’s control features include:

  • RF and audio spectrum analyzers
  • Comprehensive monitoring and control
  • Extensive logging of all events
  • SNMP support
  • Email notifications

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Nautel’s award-winning PushRadio™ technology builds on the local audio storage capabilities of Nautel transmitters and leverages the AUI control system.

PushRadio allows audio files and playlists to be uploaded to the transmitter, which then plays the content locally. A scheduler allows broadcasters to automate switching audio inputs, playlists, processor or other settings based on time and date rules. A powerful playlist editor provides drag and drop editing.

From anywhere in the world, you can set-up basic automation capabilities, send new content as audio files, and send updated playlists to the transmitter, which then plays the content locally. Small stations gain added programming flexibility while networked broadcasters can dramatically reduce program distribution costs, improve reliability and facilitate local content.

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Exceptional efficiency and low maintenance overheads make Nautel transmitters extremely cost effective to own and operate.

High efficiency means less energy is wasted as heat, which reduces cooling and ventilation costs. The resulting savings could amount to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your transmitter depending on its size and your local power rates.

Efficiency also results in the ability to reduce green house gas emissions by thousands of metric tons over the life of your transmitter.

Free MDCL power saving technology comes standard on all Nautel NX transmitters via pre-installed software (i.e. not an optional circuit board).

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A fully digital transmission chain which doesn’t sacrifice loudness now exists due to a collaboration between two of the industry’s leading organizations, Omnia and Nautel.

With the Nautel MPX over AES interface, a single AES-EBU cable between the Omnia.11 and Nautel transmitter carries the baseband signal in digital form. This 100% digital path eliminates the noise and distortion of A/D converters and reduces potential overshoots, while ensuring full FCC mask compliance.

New Digital Composite Interface Highlights:

  • Maximum loudness without noise or overshoots
  • Eliminates D/A and A/D conversions
  • Initial support on Omnia.11 and Nautel GV and NV Series

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NAUTEL PhoneHome™

Nautel’s award-winning diagnostic tool PhoneHome™ is more than just a remote alarm system; it is a virtual watch dog that continuously monitors and logs all parameters of your transmitter, diagnosing problems sometimes before they can affect transmitter performance.

Nautel PhoneHome means faster evaluation and recognition of problems at the transmitter site, fewer site visits and less off-air time. All of this results in real savings for the broadcaster.

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Orban’s premier audio processing can be integrated directly into a Nautel transmitter via an optional $1,200 plug-in DSP card.

At about half the cost of a standalone processor Orban Inside™ incorporates many features of Orban’s Optimod 5500 Series digital processor with 5 band processor and dual band window-gated AGC.

Utilizing the Nautel AUI, users have full control over processing functions.

Orban Inside accommodates L+R, AES/EBU, LiveWire, SHOUTcast and USB player inputs.

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Nautel’s award-winning HD PowerBoost™ GEN4 is a revolutionary technology that increases HD Radio™ power output while at the same time increasing efficiency, and addresses the FCC HD injection level increase ruling.

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No one else builds single-cabinet, solid-state transmitters with power outputs of 6 kW – 30 kW in -14 dB hybrid mode and 5 kW – 21 kW for -10 dB. Review our -14 dB/-10 dB resources page to find out more about the HD Radio™ power increase from both an industry perspective as well as how to upgrade existing Nautel FM products.

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Nautel’s award-winning asymmetrical HD Radio transmission capability comes FREE with all new HD equipped versions of Nautel transmitters. With Asymmetrical Sidebands broadcasters now have the option to increase only one sideband while leaving the other at levels that do not cause interference with adjacent stations, and still achieve maximum coverage of their digital signal.

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Nautel’s award-winning HD Multiplex experimental technology is a spectrally efficient and energy efficient means to implement all-digital radio utilizing a multiplexed implementation of iBiquity’s Gen 4 HD Radio™ transmission technology. It enables the placement of up to 15 audio streams or stations within 600 kHz of signal bandwidth or up to nine audio streams in 400 kHz of signal bandwidth

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To help ensure that broadcasters stay “On Air ” Nautel designs extreme reliability and redundancy into all of its transmitters.

For facilities that broadcast multiple programs from a single site, N+1 capability can provide even higher levels of redundancy that is both automated and cost effective. Nautel N+1 configurations can support up to six identical main transmitters plus a backup transmitter serving outputs of 300 watts to 40 kilowatts of solid-state power.

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