Nautel XR12 Transmitter Amazes with Quick, Four-Step Installation


When the head engineer of Broadcast World Philippines, Engr. Mon Bañez promised a quick, four-step installation, our writer, Mar Navarro from Bombo Radyo in the Philippines was far from an instant believer. But in the end, the photo-ops that followed were more time consuming than the installation itself!

Mar Navarro, Bombo Radyo

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Nautel’s Reputation and Two-for-One Pricing made our NV10LT and VS1 Purchase an Easy Decision


“I installed the NV10LT in May and it was a breeze. I couldn’t believe how quick and simple it was – four wires and I was done. If I hadn’t had to wait for the electrical contractor it could easily have been on the air within 24 hours of delivery. And since going on the air, there’s been no issues, it’s rock solid.”

Jeff Schroeder, Contract Engineer

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The Easy to Install J1000


“I had a J-1000 on the air in six hours when [the client’s] 40-year-old main transmitter failed and parts would have taken too long to arrive. After three installs, I can report being very happy with the results. Nautel has built a solid, reliable transmitter with the J-1000. This is a transmitter I would not hesitate to recommend to other station owners wanting to replace older, less efficient transmitters, or simply wanting to keep up with the latest in transmission technology.”

Scott Cason, Contract Engineer, Louisville, KY.

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Nautel Transmitters; Quick & Easy to Install with Long-Term Service & Support


“I was always proud that something so small and dependable [P400] could sound so good and be so quick to get on the air!”

Gil Garcia, Technical Director

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Nautel’s XR6 IBOC ‘Plug and Play’ Installation – Absolutely Painless!


“This transmitter installation was absolutely painless. We literally turned it on and walked away and it hasn’t missed a beat since we put it on air… I’ve overseen over 25 IBOC installations, and this was by far the easiest. I’m very pleased with Nautel.”

John Warner, Clear Channel

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Nautel V10 Ensures Smooth HD Operations for Georgia Broadcaster


“Nautel equipment is amazing! You just turn it on and it works.”

Sandy Griffin, Chief Engineer

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Nautel V10 Provides Great FM Operation; Path to Future HD Operation for Scott Communications


“The transmitter was delivered on Wednesday and was on the air by Friday.”

Scott Alexander, President/Chief Engineer

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Nautel Technology Plays a Key Role in Canada’s Only Green Radio Station


“The class leading efficiency and compact footprint of the NV10 made it a great fit for our vision of a green station.”

Craig Timmermans, President

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Hawaii Public Radio


Nautel V10 is the Perfect Solution for Oahu Mountain-Top Facility


“I really advocated for a Nautel V10… power range was perfect… price was competitive… it was clear that a solid state solution from Nautel was the best way to get around the power limitations.”

Don Mussell, Hawaii Public Radio

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Liberman Broadcasting


Nautel V40D Provides Path to Solid State Operation for Multiple Stations in Houston Complex


“We were really impressed with Nautel’s willingness to work with us, listen to our ideas, and incorporate them so quickly.”

Mike Todd / Chief Engineer

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Blount Communication Group


A Story about Nautel Reliability, Savings and Partnership


“The Nautel NX25 transmitter was turned on and I was ‘blown away’ by both the vastly improved sound and the noticeably better ‘usable coverage’.”

Bill Blount, President

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Nautel Quickly Delivers Exceptional Power and Price Post KMYK Fire


“Nautel was great to work with. They went the extra mile. They did what they said they’d do and they were the only transmitter manufacturer – domestic or foreign – that could supply that much transmitter [NV10 & NV20] for the price.”

Ken Kuenzie, President

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