Fresh 92.7 FM


Community Fundraising Secures New NVlt Transmitter for Youth Radio Station


Fresh 92.7 FM of Adelaide, Australia, raised an incredible $88,000 to purchase a Nautel NV7.5lt transmitter and related studio equipment during a four-week ‘TransMISSION’ fundraising campaign, that also won them national recognition at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Awards with a ‘Best Station Promotion, Sponsorship or Fundraising Campaign’ award.

“We received great customer service from Karen Olliver, General Manager of Innes Corporation throughout the process of acquiring our new Nautel transmitter.”

Troy Sincock, Fresh 92.7 FM General Manager

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Sky Sports Radio


Sky Sports Radio deploys 22 Nautel AM/FM Transmitters: 300 W – 12 kW


Sky Sports Radio network in Australia is deploying a new fleet of 22 Nautel AM and FM transmitters to replace aging equipment in both metropolitan and regional transmitter sites. Ranging in power levels from 300 watts to 12 kilowatts, the 22 unit transmitter order consists of ten VS1s, seven VS300s, a VS2.5, a J1000, an XR12, and two XR6 transmitters.

“It was an easy decision to choose Nautel for our network replacement needs due to their excellent reputation for reliability and support.”

Max Carter, Sky Sports Radio Chief Engineer

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FEBCambodia Selects GV10 for its High Efficiency and Reliability


Family FM 99.5 is the first station in Cambodia to install a new Nautel GV10 transmitter. FEBCambodia working with the support of FEBC’s International Support Team chose the GV primarily because of its high efficiency. Nautel is now FEBC’s standard transmitter for FM.

“This new GV10 replaces a transmitter we disparagingly call “The Italian Job.” Now that the Nautel is on line, our support guys will enjoy far fewer emergencies.”

Guy J. West, International Service Coordinator

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MIX FM’S VS300 Still Going Strong


Nautel’s VS300 with optional Orban Inside™ audio processing has proved to be a compact, all-in-one solution for MIX 93.8 FM in South Africa. The community radio station has taken good advantage of the VS300′s ability to accept and switch between multiple audio input sources and, by simply having the main and backup studios available on different presets, planned studio maintenance or failure will be extremely easy to deal with.

“The exciter audio quality has been excellent… the Nautel AUI has been a great way to control the transmitter and the logs and email alerts have been extremely useful.”

Hayden Koch, Station Engineer, Mix 93.8 FM

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3NNN Edge


Australian Broadcaster goes Green on the Air Waves with a Nautel NVLT Transmitter


Independent broadcaster, 3NNN Edge FM, has taken a green leap of faith and is the first broadcaster in Australia to install a Nautel NVLT Series transmitter with a second one ready to go for sister station 102.5 Classic Rock in Deniliquin, NSW.

“The decision to purchase the Nautel NV10LT was based on the potential for considerable power savings compared to our existing transmitter.”

Frank Davidson, Edge FM General Manager

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VS Series Training Supports FEBC’s FM Asia Roll Out


Far East Broadcasting Company technical personnel traveled from Mongolia, Indonesia, England, USA, and New Zealand in Mid-October 2013, for training on Nautel’s VS Series transmitters and their award-winning remote user interface (AUI).

“The ability to remotely monitor and troubleshoot has improved our technical services team’s ability to support our stations in remote 2nd and 3rd world locations all across Asia. [Plus] when we switch to VS transmitters with Orban Inside processors [the stations] are shocked at how much better they sound and how much they save on air conditioning and service costs.”

Guy J. West, Engineering Team Leader

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Radio Pretoria


Radio Pretoria Chooses VS2.5 for Sound Quality, Reliability, Robustness and Remote Control via the AUI


“With the new VS2.5 the sound is not only good, it is now GREAT! Listeners called for days on end, complementing the station.” said Fred Maree, Station Manager at Radio Pretoria, a community radio station with a network of 10 transmitters which broadcasts from the capitol of South Africa.

Fred Maree, Station Manager, Radio Pretoria

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Vatican Radio


Field Trial in Rome on the Possible use of the DRM+ System in VHF Band II


This Vatican Radio trial utilized a Nautel VS1 and VS-DRM – VSHD Digital Exciter.

Vatican Radio carried out broadcasting tests of DRM+ in the VHF Band II at 103.8 MHz. The aim of the tests was to verify the performance of DRM+ in a difficult interference scenario such as the FM VHF band II in Rome and to check the compatibility of the digital technology with existing antenna arrays having complex RF coupling systems such as the one located in the Vatican.

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Nautel XR12 Transmitter Amazes with Quick, Four-Step Installation


When the head engineer of Broadcast World Philippines, Engr. Mon Bañez promised a quick, four-step installation, our writer, Mar Navarro from Bombo Radyo in the Philippines was far from an instant believer. But in the end, the photo-ops that followed were more time consuming than the installation itself!

Mar Navarro, Bombo Radyo

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MoCI, Saudi Arabia Installs Three Nautel NX200 and NX50 Transmitters


The Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) purchased three Nautel NX200 and three NX50 transmitters for a station in Jeddah – the first station in the Middle East to transmit DRM radio.

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PiliPili FM


PiliPili Media Chooses Nautel VS Series Transmitters


Asked why he chose two Nautel transmitters (a 2.5 kW for Mombasa and a 1.0 kW for Malindi) over other big name brands that are well represented in the Kenyan market, Karani Andrew says, “Nautel represents the best of many worlds: traditional solid build and reliability, tomorrow’s future proof connectivity and today’s affordability in a rapidly expanding FM radio market.”

Karani Andrew, Frame x Frame Technical Projects Director

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Radio Veritas


Nautel & Radio Veritas Bring the Good News


“I am more than impressed with the quality of this NX50! I am really happy that we decided on the Nautel and I can’t believe how small the NX50 is compared to what was there before. Technology is really wonderful.

The NX50 achieves an overall efficiency of 88%… the combined efficiency along with the use of AMC will indeed be a blessing to Radio Veritas in terms of the transmitter power consumption and electrical bills.”

Fr Emil Blaser, OP, Director, Radio Veritas

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Danish Radio


Danish Radio Returns to Long Wave Transmission with Nautel NX50-LW


“Apart from the fact that the programs can now be heard far into Central and Southern Europe, the change also benefits DR by a significant cut in power costs.”

Puk Astrud, Head of Operations

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VS Series Completely Redefines the Low Power FM Transmitter Value Proposition


“There is nothing even close, nothing even comparable, to the VS Series in its cost range. It completely redefines what we expect in a lower power FM transmitter.”

Guy J. West, Engineering Team Leader

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South America

Fernando Radio 105 Brazil NV5

Nautel Customer Stories from South America


Fernando Luiz Parizotto, a technical manager in Guaramirim, Brazil wrote to us about his purchase of an NV5 – the first in Brazil.

Jose Roberto Ribeiro Jardim, from Radio Estancia Ltda in São Lourenço, Brazil chose his Ampfet transmitter based on Nautel’s superior quality, price and customer support.

Carlos from Radio Maria in Lima, Peru tells us why his station has purchsed so many Nautel transmitters over the years.

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Nautel Customer Stories from Mexico


Max Corona, an engineering manager in Colima, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his two Nautel J1000’s, a V5 transmitter and his recent purchase of two VS2.5 transmitters.

Miriam Guirado, an electronic engineer in Tijuana, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his Nautel XL-12.

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MoCI, Saudi Arabia Installs 30 Nautel 5+1 Configurations


The Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is utilizing Nautel’s N+1 capabilities across 30 of its Saudi Private Radio FM sites for a total of 180 Nautel VS1, VS2.5, VS300 and NV5 transmitters.

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NMBS Selects Nautel and Broadcast World Philippines for its DXNS-FM Station


“We selected Nautel’s NV5 for its superior engineering design and simple operation… This transmitter was truly worth the wait!”

Dr. Leticia C. Salas, General Manager

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FEBC is First Broadcaster in Philippines to Adopt NV20


“The NV20 substantially improved our coverage.”

Ronald Abelilla, Chief Technician, DZFE, Manila, Philippines

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