KDKB – One of the First Stations in the Industry to Implement Nautel HD PowerBoost™


“I am favorably impressed by PowerBoost. The Nautel algorithm for peak-to-average-power ratio (PAPR) detection is ingenious. While introducing a smaller amount of correction PowerBoost can achieve the maximum desired HD peak power value with a lower degree of clipping distortion in the signal. The end result is it makes HD operation at injection levels greater than -20 dBc more economically feasible for broadcasters. The proof is in the spectrum analysis of the transmitted analog and HD signals.”

Clayton Creekmore, Chief Engineer

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KIFM and KBZT Install First Two Nautel NV20s On Air in U.S.A.


“We experienced a loss of phase one night, as the local power company blew a fuse leading to the site. When I arrived, both transmitters were still on air and running at reduced power. The auxiliary transmitters were dead. I was shocked!”

Bill Eisenhamer, Chief Engineer

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WFMT Chicago Commences HD Radio Broadcasting with Nautel NV40


“The NV40 fully met my expectations”

Gordon Carter, Chief Engineer

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Portland Radio Group chooses Nautel for FM and AM operations at WYNZ and WGAN


“I did the research, and I chose Nautel [V15 and XR6] for my HD Radio Installation.”

Andy Armstrong, Portland Radio Group

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Nautel’s XR6 IBOC ‘Plug and Play’ Installation – Absolutely Painless!


“This transmitter installation was absolutely painless. We literally turned it on and walked away and it hasn’t missed a beat since we put it on air… I’ve overseen over 25 IBOC installations, and this was by far the easiest. I’m very pleased with Nautel.”

John Warner, Clear Channel

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Nautel V10 Provides Great FM Operation; Path to Future HD Operation for Scott Communications


“The transmitter was delivered on Wednesday and was on the air by Friday.”

Scott Alexander, President/Chief Engineer

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KUVO First FM Broadcaster in State to Go Digital and First to Test Nautel HD Radio Transmitter


“Once we commenced with full-time Nautel M-50/V-10 HD Radio operation, I received numerous calls from our listeners commenting on how much better KUVO’s analog FM signal sounded after the change. Additionally, the V-10 has been rock solid and we haven’t had a single glitch with it since it went on the air.”

Mike Pappas, Chief Engineer

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Update: “As last minute participants in NPR Labs -10 dBc and -14 dBc HD Radio carrier level interference testing we realized we’d have to install and commission our brand new NV15 the day before testing would start! The testing was a big success and using the NPR Labs data the FCC approved a power increase. The NV15 was instrumental in making that happen – as usual our Nautel transmitter ran right out of the crate with zero problems. There isn’t a better designed, better built, better supported or better performing transmitter in the industry.



Nautel Provides Reliability for New Orleans R&B Station


“It’s small, it’s powerful, low maintenance, and easy to operate. What more could you ask for? The bottom line: The NV40 is the best broadcast transmitter I have ever seen.”

Richard Atwood, Director of Engineering, WYLD

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Nautel Reliability & Ease-of-Use are a Sure Bet for Vegas Broadcaster


“Very pleased with the capability of monitoring multiple parameters in the NV40 and love the ability to monitor even from home, using the AUI web interface… the cherry on top of the pie is the built-in spectrum analyzer on the AUI screen. Thanks, Nautel!”

Manny Garcia, Chief Engineer, Univision

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Nautel V10 Ensures Smooth HD Operations for Georgia Broadcaster


“Nautel equipment is amazing! You just turn it on and it works.”

Sandy Griffin, Chief Engineer

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Liberman Broadcasting


Nautel V40D Provides Path to Solid State Operation for Multiple Stations in Houston Complex


“We were really impressed with Nautel’s willingness to work with us, listen to our ideas, and incorporate them so quickly.”

Mike Todd / Chief Engineer

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