Timely and Meticulous Tech Support gets VS300LP On-Air after Hurricane Irma


Rick Crandall wrote to us just days after Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida knocking out a lot of radio stations including his LPFM in St Petersburg.

“Without [Joey’s] carefully thought out advice and suggestions, I doubt if I would have been able to successfully recover from the storm damage anytime soon.”
Rick Crandall, WMTB-LP

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Challenges of being the First LPFM High School HD Radio Station


Ralph Martin, a high school music teacher, shares the challenges of being the first LPFM high school HD Radio station at KVCB-LP, Vacaville, CA.

“I am so glad we chose Nautel because their VS300LP transmitter was the closest to meeting our goal to be a full HD Radio Station… Would we recommend HD Radio to other LPFM stations? With Nautel, absolutely!”
Ralph Martin, Conservatory Director / Station Operations Manager

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Technical Changes at VOAR with VS300 Boosts Performance


Tina Taylor and Brian Matthews of Voice of Adventist Radio (VOAR) share a glowing listener letter they received just days after installing a new Nautel VS300 FM transmitter, a new FM antenna, and connecting both of them to an Internet audio stream.

“Your new VOAR transmitter (located in Gander) is working top-notch and sounds great! [It] has excellent multiplexing with great audio channel isolation… very clean and consistent signal as well.”
Brian Shaw, loyal VOAR listener

All of VOAR’s Newfoundland transmitter sites are being switched over to Nautel VS300 transmitters with remote control access over the Internet. Engineer, Brian Matthews, can login and check to see how they are working and receive an email alarm if something goes wrong.

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A Tight Squeeze of an Install at K-LOVE


Jack Roland, EMF K-LOVE/Air1 Engineer, shared with us some great photos from the delivery of his Nautel GV40 HD transmitter to the K-LOVE Mt. Chief, CO, facility. It was a tight installation; he only had 31″ to work with!

“I WAS SO HAPPY! Man it worked, my measurements were all right, there was NO ROOM to spare either side, and we still had to take the door hinges off the GV-40! No, we didn’t have to use a shoe horn, but it was CLOSE!”
Jack E. Roland, EMF K-LOVE/Air1 Engineer Colorado

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Greater Media Detroit


Nautel’s GV Series Revs in Motor City


Mike Kernan, Chief Engineer at Greater Media Detroit, has both a GV30 and a GV30N. “What’s to like about the GV30N?” he asks. “Features, performance and reliability… The GV30N features a smaller footprint but there are no compromises… There is more good news everywhere you look.”

“The GV Series is certainly among the best FM transmitters sold. Our two GVs have been fault-free since installation and have allowed us to boost HD Radio reception noticeably. The GV30N saves a few cubic feet in our otherwise too-cramped transmitter room. Anytime you can do that without any sacrifice and while saving money, you should do it.”
Mike Kernan, Chief Engineer, Greater Media Detroit

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Nautel Transmitters are like Maytag Washers… They just keep going!


Randy McCallister of WVRU has two Nautel VS1s and can’t believe all the big-transmitter features that are available through the AUI (Advanced User Interface).

“The Nautel AUI is a ‘dream’ compared to my old transmitters. The displays of modulation and tracking parameters are unique. The AUI’s built-in VSWR meter and power reflectometer add a great deal of flexibility.”

Randy also uses VS features like the built-in ID code generator, USB drive, UPS power, and email notifications. “I think these Nautel transmitters are like Maytag washers….they just keep going. Oh, and did I mention how great it sounds on the air?!”
Randy McCallister, Chief Engineer and Station Executive Director, WVRU

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Mountaintop Transmitter Site Makes AUI Control and Monitoring a Wise Choice


Dave Kalahar’s challenge at KQMX was the transmitter site’s remote location up a 3,400 feet high mountaintop more than two hours’ drive from the studio. Remote control and monitoring were extremely important in his decision to purchase a Nautel VS Series 2.5 kW transmitter.

“This [AUI] has simply been the easiest, most feature-rich solution ever! …one of the best choices we made for the operation of KQMX. AUI interface over the internet – complete control and monitoring of the transmitter from anyplace I go… home, my iPad or really anyplace.”
Dave Kalahar, Contract Engineer

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VS300LP is Selected for its AUI Technology and Orban Inside Processor


Dan Slentz shares WDPE-LP’s story and his reasons for choosing the Nautel VS300LP with Orban Inside audio processing card.

“The Nautel AUI is unmatched and the little Optimod 5500 inside the VS300LP actually IS a processor that is extremely competitive… I can say that in reflecting back on this transmitter choice, its cost and features, I’m extremely happy with the Nautel VS300LP and would certainly make the same decision again.”
Dan Slentz, Consulting Engineer

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Nautel’s AUI: THE Best Troubleshooting Aid both Locally Onsite and Remotely


Shawn Ferguson has customized his NV40 AUI to show the graphs he looks at regularly like spectrum and signal constellation. He can also see important meter readings like analog and digital power, total RMS power out, DC-RF efficiency, controller VSWR, PA current, and controller temperature.

“The AUI has been a very useful tool both onsite and remotely… it is the backbone of information from the transmitter to the user and the Nautel AUI has one of the best interfaces so far out of any others I have encountered.”
Shawn Ferguson, Engineer, WWDE

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WMHX and W289CB


With Multiple Remote Locations Nautel’s Time-Saving AUI Saves the Day Every Day!


Christopher Tarr oversees six radio stations in two markets with the two farthest transmitter sites being over 90 miles away from each other. Needing all the help he can get, Chris says he relies on Nautel’s time-saving AUI on his VS1 and NV7.5lt to save the day every day!

“I know ahead of time what’s going on… that can save me hours of driving. The ability to receive an email from your transmitter with alerts is a game changer!”
Christopher Tarr, Director of Engineering, WMHX/W289CB

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WNTK goes all Solid State with an ‘Overly-Efficient’ Nautel NVlt 3.5 Transmitter


The purchase of a NVlt 3.5 kW transmitter for WNTK 99.7 now makes four Nautel’s for Koor Communications Inc. The company also has an original Amphet 10 from 1988 on WCNL AM 1010, an ND-1 on WUVR AM 1490, and a VS300 on WSCS 90.9 FM.

“The new Nautel is too efficient! Seriously it was getting pretty chilly in the transmitter building when we switched over, and we now need to buy a heater!”

Bob Vinikoor, President, Koor Communications Inc.

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Fresh 92.7 FM


Community Fundraising Secures New NVlt Transmitter for Youth Radio Station


Fresh 92.7 FM of Adelaide, Australia, raised an incredible $88,000 to purchase a Nautel NV7.5lt transmitter and related studio equipment during a four-week ‘TransMISSION’ fundraising campaign, that also won them national recognition at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Awards with a ‘Best Station Promotion, Sponsorship or Fundraising Campaign’ award.

“We received great customer service from Karen Olliver, General Manager of Innes Corporation throughout the process of acquiring our new Nautel transmitter.”

Troy Sincock, Fresh 92.7 FM General Manager

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Sky Sports Radio


Sky Sports Radio deploys 22 Nautel AM/FM Transmitters: 300 W – 12 kW


Sky Sports Radio network in Australia is deploying a new fleet of 22 Nautel AM and FM transmitters to replace aging equipment in both metropolitan and regional transmitter sites. Ranging in power levels from 300 watts to 12 kilowatts, the 22 unit transmitter order consists of ten VS1s, seven VS300s, a VS2.5, a J1000, an XR12, and two XR6 transmitters.

“It was an easy decision to choose Nautel for our network replacement needs due to their excellent reputation for reliability and support.”

Max Carter, Sky Sports Radio Chief Engineer

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FEBCambodia Selects GV10 for its High Efficiency and Reliability


Family FM 99.5 is the first station in Cambodia to install a new Nautel GV10 transmitter. FEBCambodia working with the support of FEBC’s International Support Team chose the GV primarily because of its high efficiency. Nautel is now FEBC’s standard transmitter for FM.

“This new GV10 replaces a transmitter we disparagingly call “The Italian Job.” Now that the Nautel is on line, our support guys will enjoy far fewer emergencies.”

Guy J. West, International Service Coordinator

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User Report: First GV10 Goes on Air at KVSC

The change from tubes to solid-state was a big jump in technology for transmitters, significantly reducing running and maintenance costs. The challenge now was to raise the bar with innovative features. Has Nautel’s newest model met this challenge? As Alex Hartman shows, the GV Series is more than a very attractive upgrade.

“My GV10 running at ½ power with -14dBc injection is achieving 74.8% efficiency. When run into a dummy load at full 9 kW output with -14dBc, that number jumped up to 89%! Not much wasted juice there!”

Alex Hartman, Chief Engineer

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Alex’s story was also covered in The BDR, June, 2014 Innovation Continues at Nautel: Meet The GV10 >>



MIX FM’S VS300 Going Strong


Nautel’s VS300 with optional Orban Inside™ audio processing has proved to be a compact, all-in-one solution for MIX 93.8 FM in South Africa. The community radio station has taken good advantage of the VS300′s ability to accept and switch between multiple audio input sources and, by simply having the main and backup studios available on different presets, planned studio maintenance or failure will be extremely easy to deal with.

“The exciter audio quality has been excellent… the Nautel AUI has been a great way to control the transmitter and the logs and email alerts have been extremely useful.”

Hayden Koch, Station Engineer, Mix 93.8 FM

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First GV40 Transmitter Installed


The very first Nautel GV40 (serial number H0101) was shipped to KWPZ’s transmitter site at the summit of Mount Constitution on Orcas Island, WA, direct from the exhibition floor of NAB 2014. The GV40 is the 7th Nautel transmitter Crista Media has on the air with its four stations and a big step forward for KWPZ.

“It’s nice to put in a new transmitter, increase the HD level, and actually see a reduction in power consumption!”

Bryan Hubert, Chief Engineer, Crista Media

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Lea esta historia en español. USUARIOS: Nautel GV40 hace más con menos energía >

Minnesota Valley Broadcasting


Time For a Cool Change [with a Nautel NVLT30]


A station’s Continental 816R-3 main transmitter with a history of “issues” is replaced with a Nautel NVLT30.

“The NV30LT has a number of features and advantages that make it a good choice. First, it’s solid state and modular. [And] you can log on to the AUI from virtually anywhere, and monitor nearly every parameter of the transmitter, as well as perform basic remote controls. As winter approaches, I am now looking forward to not having to travel on icy roads to reset an overload and put the old transmitter back on.”

Scott Schmeling, Chief Engineer

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3NNN Edge


Australian Broadcaster goes Green on the Air Waves with a Nautel NVLT Transmitter


Independent broadcaster, 3NNN Edge FM, has taken a green leap of faith and is the first broadcaster in Australia to install a Nautel NVLT Series transmitter with a second one ready to go for sister station 102.5 Classic Rock in Deniliquin, NSW.

“The decision to purchase the Nautel NV10LT was based on the potential for considerable power savings compared to our existing transmitter.”

Frank Davidson, Edge FM General Manager

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VS Series Training Supports FEBC’s FM Asia Roll Out


Far East Broadcasting Company technical personnel traveled from Mongolia, Indonesia, England, USA, and New Zealand in Mid-October 2013, for training on Nautel’s VS Series transmitters and their award-winning remote user interface (AUI).

“The ability to remotely monitor and troubleshoot has improved our technical services team’s ability to support our stations in remote 2nd and 3rd world locations all across Asia. [Plus] when we switch to VS transmitters with Orban Inside processors [the stations] are shocked at how much better they sound and how much they save on air conditioning and service costs.”

Guy J. West, Engineering Team Leader

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Summit Media

Summit Media

Success with VS Series Exciters


Fred Francis, Contract Engineer for Summit Media, shares stations WDBS, WVBD and WKQV experience with Nautel’s VS300 and VS1 as exciters and back-up transmitters.

“When each of these Nautel units was installed, a slight coverage increase was noticed along with the incredible increase in loudness and audio quality. Summit Media is a very happy Nautel customer. The other stations in their markets are baffled by WDBS’s, WVBD’s and WKQV’s loudness and quality of audio.”

Fred A. Francis Jr., Contract Engineer

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Radio Pretoria

Radio Pretoria

Radio Pretoria Chooses VS2.5 for Sound Quality, Reliability, Robustness and Remote Control via the AUI


“With the new VS2.5 the sound is not only good, it is now GREAT! Listeners called for days on end, complementing the station.” said Fred Maree, Station Manager at Radio Pretoria, a community radio station with a network of 10 transmitters which broadcasts from the capitol of South Africa.

Fred Maree, Station Manager, Radio Pretoria

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Nautel’s Reputation and Two-for-One Pricing made our NV10LT and VS1 Purchase an Easy Decision


Jeff Schroeder, Contract Engineer for WLQK, LiteRock 95.9 was thrilled at NAB 2012 when he discovered that for the same price as an NV10, he could get an NV10LT and a VS1 for back-up. In fact, he realized that he was getting such tremendous value that he changed the order right there and then on the show floor.

“The integrated direct-to-digital exciter is exceptional. The sound is so good and clean we’ve had many people commenting on the marked increase in sound…. As for the back-up VS1; I love it, it’s a great little box! It is so frequency agile that with just a little switching I can back-up any one of my FMs.”

Jeff Schroeder, Contract Engineer

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VS300LP Delivers Big Transmitter Features, Quality & Reliability at Unbeatable Value


“Nothing out there even compared to the value and quality of the VS300LP… with its long-lasting reliability, integrated AUI interface, and the killer integrated RDS feature.

Most noticeable improvement… was the improvement in sound quality and clarity. The VS300LP is everything an LPFM station could want in a transmitter and more. It exceeded our expectations here at WIKD-LP, well done Nautel.”

Daniel Chiericoni, General Manager

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PiliPili FM


PiliPili Media Chooses Nautel VS Series Transmitters


Asked why he chose two Nautel transmitters (a 2.5 kW for Mombasa and a 1.0 kW for Malindi) over other big name brands that are well represented in the Kenyan market, Karani Andrew says, “Nautel represents the best of many worlds: traditional solid build and reliability, tomorrow’s future proof connectivity and today’s affordability in a rapidly expanding FM radio market.”

Karani Andrew, Frame x Frame Technical Projects Director

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NVLT Running Smoothly at News 95.7


“The NV10LT is a nice, small, compact unit. It installed very quickly with no issues. There’s been no problems with it at all – it’s working like a charm!”

Rodney McQuade, Engineering Manager

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Nautel NV40 Produces Required Power Output at -14dBc within Limitations of Transmitter Site


“I am extremely satisfied with the Nautel NV40. There have been no problems to report, and the station is looking forward to better coverage with lower utility bills compliments of the 0.99 power factor.”

Jim Stitt, President, JMS & Associates

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Hawaii Public Radio Selects NV20 for Remote KIPM Station


Hawaii Public Radio selects an NV20 for their new, remote KIPM station because of its “high power, good efficiency, small footprint, and fewer moving parts – and a price that would not break our budget.”

With a lack of experienced engineers and the logistics of maintaining nearly 100 transmitters spread across five very separate islands, “a solid state device, kept cool, just provides more dependability in this environment.”

Don Mussell, Hawaii Public Radio

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VS Series Completely Redefines the Low Power FM Transmitter Value Proposition


“There is nothing even close, nothing even comparable, to the VS Series in its cost range. It completely redefines what we expect in a lower power FM transmitter.”

Guy J. West, Engineering Team Leader

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Nautel’s VS1 – Big Transmitter Features in a Small Budget Box


“The Nautel VS1 more than met our requirements for price, ‘big-transmitter’ features and company reputation. What a blessing to a small group with an even smaller budget and staff!”

Gene Sharp, Technician, Clean Air FM

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Gene’s story was also covered in Radio World, 03.15.2012, Nautel VS1: Big Features, Budget Box >>

Vatican Radio


Field Trial in Rome on the Possible use of the DRM+ System in VHF Band II


This Vatican Radio trial utilized a Nautel VS1 and VS-DRM – VSHD Digital Exciter.

Vatican Radio carried out broadcasting tests of DRM+ in the VHF Band II at 103.8 MHz. The aim of the tests was to verify the performance of DRM+ in a difficult interference scenario such as the FM VHF band II in Rome and to check the compatibility of the digital technology with existing antenna arrays having complex RF coupling systems such as the one located in the Vatican.

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KDKB – One of the First Stations in the Industry to Implement Nautel HD PowerBoost™


“I am favorably impressed by PowerBoost. The Nautel algorithm for peak-to-average-power ratio (PAPR) detection is ingenious. While introducing a smaller amount of correction PowerBoost can achieve the maximum desired HD peak power value with a lower degree of clipping distortion in the signal. The end result is it makes HD operation at injection levels greater than -20 dBc more economically feasible for broadcasters. The proof is in the spectrum analysis of the transmitted analog and HD signals.”

Clayton Creekmore, Chief Engineer

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Ministry of Culture and Information, KSA


MoCI, Saudi Arabia Installs 30 Nautel 5+1 Configurations


The Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is utilizing Nautel’s N+1 capabilities across 30 of its Saudi Private Radio FM sites for a total of 180 Nautel VS1, VS2.5, VS300 and NV5 transmitters.

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Nautel Technology Plays a Key Role in Canada’s Only Green Radio Station


“The class leading efficiency and compact footprint of the NV10 made it a great fit for our vision of a green station.”

Craig Timmermans, President

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KIFM and KBZT Install First Two Nautel NV20s On Air in U.S.A.


“We experienced a loss of phase one night, as the local power company blew a fuse leading to the site. When I arrived, both transmitters were still on air and running at reduced power. The auxiliary transmitters were dead. I was shocked!”

Bill Eisenhamer, Chief Engineer

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NMBS Selects Nautel and Broadcast World Philippines for its DXNS-FM Station


“We selected Nautel’s NV5 for its superior engineering design and simple operation… This transmitter was truly worth the wait!”

Dr. Leticia C. Salas, General Manager

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Hawaii Public Radio


Nautel V10 is the Perfect Solution for Oahu Mountain-Top Facility


“I really advocated for a Nautel V10… power range was perfect… price was competitive… it was clear that a solid state solution from Nautel was the best way to get around the power limitations.”

Don Mussell, Hawaii Public Radio

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Nautel Quickly Delivers Exceptional Power and Price Post KMYK Fire


“Nautel was great to work with. They went the extra mile. They did what they said they’d do and they were the only transmitter manufacturer – domestic or foreign – that could supply that much transmitter [NV10 & NV20] for the price.”

Ken Kuenzie, President

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WFMT Chicago Commences HD Radio Broadcasting with Nautel NV40


“The NV40 fully met my expectations”

Gordon Carter, Chief Engineer

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FEBC is First Broadcaster in Philippines to Adopt NV20


“The NV20 substantially improved our coverage.”

Ronald Abelilla, Chief Technician, DZFE, Manila, Philippines

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Nautel Provides Reliability for New Orleans R&B Station


“It’s small, it’s powerful, low maintenance, and easy to operate. What more could you ask for? The bottom line: The NV40 is the best broadcast transmitter I have ever seen.”

Richard Atwood, Director of Engineering, WYLD

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Nautel Reliability & Ease-of-Use are a Sure Bet for Vegas Broadcaster


“Very pleased with the capability of monitoring multiple parameters in the NV40 and love the ability to monitor even from home, using the AUI web interface… the cherry on top of the pie is the built-in spectrum analyzer on the AUI screen. Thanks, Nautel!”

Manny Garcia, Chief Engineer, Univision

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Nautel Goes the Extra Mile After a Wild Fire at KSGN


“Nautel bent over backwards and went the second mile to expedite the order as we needed it in time for an up-coming fundraiser. Nautel factory engineers even came in on a Canadian holiday to finish the final testing so that the transmitter [FM-5] would go out on time.”

Bruce Potterton, Chief Engineer

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KWFL FLR Nautel V5

Nautel Gives Free Upgrade to V5 after V3.5 is Damaged in Transport


“Nautel would ship it [V5] out at no charge to my company for the shipping or the upgrade. That was amazing to me and I agreed! In my book, Nautel has the market cornered on Customer Service! The good news is I seldom have to use it, but when I do, it is there and top notch!”

Nathan Miller, Regional Broadcast Engineer

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Liberman Broadcasting


Nautel V40D Provides Path to Solid State Operation for Multiple Stations in Houston Complex


“We were really impressed with Nautel’s willingness to work with us, listen to our ideas, and incorporate them so quickly.”

Mike Todd / Chief Engineer

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Nautel V10 Provides Great FM Operation; Path to Future HD Operation for Scott Communications


“The transmitter was delivered on Wednesday and was on the air by Friday.”

Scott Alexander, President/Chief Engineer

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Nautel V10 Ensures Smooth HD Operations for Georgia Broadcaster


“Nautel equipment is amazing! You just turn it on and it works.”

Sandy Griffin, Chief Engineer

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KUVO First FM Broadcaster in State to Go Digital and First to Test Nautel HD Radio Transmitter


“Once we commenced with full-time Nautel M-50/V-10 HD Radio operation, I received numerous calls from our listeners commenting on how much better KUVO’s analog FM signal sounded after the change. Additionally, the V-10 has been rock solid and we haven’t had a single glitch with it since it went on the air.”

Mike Pappas, Chief Engineer

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Update: “As last minute participants in NPR Labs -10 dBc and -14 dBc HD Radio carrier level interference testing we realized we’d have to install and commission our brand new NV15 the day before testing would start! The testing was a big success and using the NPR Labs data the FCC approved a power increase. The NV15 was instrumental in making that happen – as usual our Nautel transmitter ran right out of the crate with zero problems. There isn’t a better designed, better built, better supported or better performing transmitter in the industry.”



Nautel’s Long-term Service and Support Pays Off for KSHN


“The Nautel FM10 transmitter was not only technically superior to the others but about $700 under the next best price.”

Bill Buchanan, President

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Portland Radio Group chooses Nautel for FM and AM operations at WYNZ and WGAN


“I did the research, and I chose Nautel [V15 and XR-6] for my HD Radio Installation.”

Andy Armstrong, Portland Radio Group

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South America

Fernando Radio 105 Brazil NV5

Nautel Customer Stories from South America


Fernando Luiz Parizotto, a technical manager in Guaramirim, Brazil wrote to us about his purchase of an NV5 – the first in Brazil.

Jose Roberto Ribeiro Jardim, from Radio Estancia Ltda in São Lourenço, Brazil chose his Ampfet transmitter based on Nautel’s superior quality, price and customer support.

Carlos from Radio Maria in Lima, Peru tells us why his station has purchsed so many Nautel transmitters over the years.

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Nautel Customer Stories from Mexico


Max Corona, an engineering manager in Colima, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his two Nautel J1000’s, a V5 transmitter and his recent purchase of two VS2.5 transmitters.

Miriam Guirado, an electronic engineer in Tijuana, Mexico wrote in to tell us about his Nautel XL-12.

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