Timely and Meticulous Tech Support gets VS300LP On-Air after Hurricane Irma


Rick Crandall wrote to us just days after Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida knocking out a lot of radio stations including his LPFM in St Petersburg.

“Without [Joey’s] carefully thought out advice and suggestions, I doubt if I would have been able to successfully recover from the storm damage anytime soon.”
Rick Crandall, WMTB-LP

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Hurricane Sandy


Nautel J1000 to the Rescue post Sandy


Several New York area stations recall how the ‘disaster-ready’ Nautel J1000 transmitter came to the rescue after Hurricane Sandy.

“Nautel and the J1000 came through brilliantly! The flexibility of the J1000 enabled us to work quickly and be back on air, albeit at lower power, by the evening drive time.”

Stephen Shultis, Chief Technology Officer, New York Public Radio

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Nautel’s XR50 Handles KRKO-AM Antenna Destruction with Finesse – NEVER Leaving the Air


“I had no idea we had an antenna problem driving to the site because as far as I could tell, we were on the air. The audio in my car was perfect.”

Buzz Anderson, KRKO Engineer

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Nautel’s XR6 Handles Direct Lightening Strike – NEVER Leaving the Air


“What was amazing is that the Nautel XR6 transmitter continued to stay on the air at very low power in spite of the collapsed coils. This is why I thought it had come back on air by itself as I got near to the station!”

Mark Hoenecke, Assistant CE

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Radio Disney

Radio Disney XR12 After Flood

Nautel Transmitters Get Radio Disney Out of High Water


“I think Nautel makes the best broadcast transmitters and backs them up with excellent service… if the three Nautel transmitters [an XR12 & two Ampfets] were not of a quality design and build they would not have come back to life.”

Kyle Wesley, Director of Engineering

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Blount Communication Group


Nautel XR12 Survives Three Feet of Flooding in Sewer Water


“Once we cleaned and let our [XR12] dry out, it …came right back into full power and service and has been operating flawlessly ever since! Nautel has been more than a transmitter manufacturer to us. They have become a great friend, coming to our rescue and helping where they could to restore our facilities when we were ‘down and out’.”

Bill Blount, President

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Nautel ND-5 Transmitter Survives Major Flooding at WTLC


“The ND-5 came on at low power. It had not been cleaned out but just allowed to dry in the sun… [it] came on at high power, too, without complaint.”

Don Payne, Chief Engineer

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KIFM and KBZT Install First Two Nautel NV20s On Air in U.S.A.


“We experienced a loss of phase one night, as the local power company blew a fuse leading to the site. When I arrived, both transmitters were still on air and running at reduced power. The auxiliary transmitters were dead. I was shocked and amazed!”

Bill Eisenhamer, Chief Engineer

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