Who Says Customer Service Can’t Innovate?


The customer service department is not traditionally an area of distinctive innovation. However, with a mantra of ‘keeping broadcasters on the air no matter what’ Nautel’s technical support team, under the leadership of Kevin Rodgers, utilizes their 131 plus years of combined industry experience and thousands of field hours to push the innovation envelope and proactively improve their services. Meet the team >>

Beyond the typical toll-free 24/7 telephone and email technical support services, Nautel offers several initiatives to help keep broadcasters free from dead air:


NEW! Online Technical Support Webinars

Created by Nautel’s customer service technicians we offer a growing list of online technical support webinars. These short videos cover topics such as configuration, operation and maintenance of your Nautel transmitter and answer some of your more common set-up questions:

VSHD Installation – install a VSHD upgrade system on a VS2.5 transmitter.
VSHD Configuration – configure VSHD upgrade software via the AUI.
Automatic Changeover – set-up and test the Audio Loss Timeout function on a VS Series transmitter.
Setting Up USB Playlist – use MP3 or WAV audio files on a USB thumb drive connected to a VS Series transmitter.
Setting Up Email Notifications – configure custom email notifications for various faults and alarms using the NV Series Advanced User Interface (AUI).

More technical resources >>


NEW! Remote Transmitter Optimization

By leveraging the powerful capabilities of Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI), available with all NX, NV and VS Series transmitters, Nautel is now offering services designed to speed the commissioning and optimization process for these transmitters. “Remote Transmitter Optimization” allows a support expert at Nautel to view a customer’s transmitter settings and remotely make adjustments to optimize the performance of the Nautel transmitter.

Getting to a problem early can prevent more severe failures later. “Remote Transmitter Optimization” monitors many subsystem performances, even the rotational speed of the fans, so Nautel knows if there may be a fan which has, or may soon, fail. Now that’s powerful.


Real-Time Technical Assistance

Live Chat and Remote Access technical support both available on Nautel’s web site.

Multiple Technical Support Locations

24/7 emergency support is provided via three locations in three time zones: Quincy, IL (CST); Bangor, ME (EST); Hackett’s Cove, NS (AST).


Support for Every Product Ever Sold

Nautel still services every model of transmitter it’s ever manufactured.

Spanning over 40 years, this visibly demonstrates our commitment to our customers.

A portion of Nautel engineering time is spent re-engineering assemblies where parts are no longer available, to keep these older transmitters up and running.

Parts Ordering

Parts orders can be shipped as late as 10:30 PM CST from our Memphis warehouse, and international customers are served quickly via a parts warehouse near London, U.K. Both warehouses offer a comprehensive stock of commonly required replacement parts.

We also provide vendor part numbers in all of our product manuals so customers can source their own parts.

Parts can be ordered via our Parts Quotation Request form.


Easy Software Updates

Download and install Nautel software to get popup messages about software, handbook and bulletin updates.

Learn more about the Nautel Updater and Manager >>

NUG Membership

Membership in the Nautel Users group is an excellent way to access technical content, education and to get more out of the Nautel product line and technologies.

Learn more about why you should join the NUG >>


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