Nautel’s Safety Best Practices
How Might You Implement?


nautel-safety-committee-logoLike the broadcast engineers we serve and support, many Nautel personnel work with hazards such as high voltages and RF. No one wants injuries or worse to happen at their workplace, so this article aims to share some of what we do at Nautel to keep employees and visitors safe and suggest ways that stations might use similar initiatives to formalize their own safety policies.

When it comes to safety, Nautel is a company that intentionally ventures well beyond basic health & safety compliance requirements to ensure no one gets hurt and goes home at the end of the day without injury. We continually look outward for best practices and inward for ideas, inspiration, gaps and opportunities for continuous improvement.



At Nautel we work to build positive relationships with external service providers and officials in our community by actively including them in our employee education and emergency planning practices.

  • Are safety requirements a key part of your contracting process?
  • Have your service providers participated in staff training related to hazardous activities?
  • Are your service providers able to discuss policy and procedures with your internal safety leaders?

Support & Communication

Nautel employees are provided with ongoing safety support, coaching and materials. Current information is distributed through talks, practical training, industry and workplace specific posters, a safety resource library, safety communication boards located throughout the facility, and by promoting safety information and initiatives on strategically-placed electronic monitors.

  • What level of training is appropriate for your organization? e.g. classroom sessions, online courses, lunch & learns, team briefings, documentation/manuals, bulletins.
  • What communication methods might work in your facility/facilities? e.g. communication boards, posters, newsletters, email, etc.



Focus on Prevention

Nautel’s health & safety efforts focus on prevention and blend constructively with all other business decisions and practices. We recognize that safe work attitudes and behavior impact on all aspects of our business; including our customers and everyone who interacts with the company. When you walk through Nautel’s facilities, we want you to truly feel safe, knowing that we have done the work necessary to ensure a safe environment.

  • What visual cues and reminders can you place in and around your facilities?
  • Think about both general reminders and specific in-context/ at-point-of-danger warnings.


Extend Beyond the Workplace

At Nautel we actively encourage healthy and safe practices to be a choice that goes beyond the walls of our facilities. We want our employees and customers to be safe whether they are at our company sites, performing work while away, or spending time with family. Safe practices and behaviors are important wherever we are!

  • Is there local information you can provide to help your employees stay safe and healthy in your immediate community? e.g. severe weather warnings, pollen counts, UV/air quality, road conditions/closures.
  • How might you share home-based safety tips? e.g. tip of the week posted in elevator, periodic checklists via bulletin boards and/or email.

Putting it in to Action

The responsibilities for building Nautel’s safe work culture are appropriately distributed throughout the workforce and are planned for in our annual Health & Safety Activity Plan.

In addition to routine requirements, the plan includes the following special measures you may want to consider including in your Health & Safety Activity Plan:

  • Regular Policy Review by working managers to ensure that internal policies keep pace with industry best practices.
  • Monthly Manager Walkabouts (including the CEO) as a documented but informal way for employees and management to communicate health & safety information and concerns.
  • Regular Practice Scenarios that test and improve our emergency readiness, give everyone an opportunity to learn, and include supervisors, health & safety committee, medical first responders and others as necessary.
  • Several Related Groups such as: Wellness Committee, Ergonomics Committee, Medical First Responders and Safety Sub-Committees for Training, Policy Review and Safety Communication.
  • Employee Recognition Program that encourages monthly nominations by employees and fun safety promotional materials, including a Safety Comic Book with a safety superhero theme.

Nautel ‘Safety Certified’

WCBNS-safetycertified-logoNautel is ‘Safety Certified’ by Safety Services Nova Scotia and the Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.
Nautel has a strong safety record that is being built on a foundation of caring, knowing the risks and acting on them. We pay attention to lagging indicators, but spend our time on leading indicators. Are we perfect? Not yet, but we do strive to be our best and it’s that constant forward motion that makes Nautel stand out as an industry leader.

More on Safety

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