By Andy Berry, Manager, Customer Service

With over 300 in attendance at this year’s annual [email protected] event, it was fantastic to see such large participation from our customers and was a wonderful opportunity to meet with both old and new friends.

I met customers who’ve never missed a NUG meeting and said it’s the MUST-attend part of NAB, others came by our booth to apologize for missing it for the first time. Our presenters were well received; we were told they accurately reflected what’s happening at Nautel and in the industry.

DSC_0714Despite difficulties for some in finding our new location – The Flamingo Las Vegas – and small issues with visuals and lighting, I personally loved the new venue. The sound was better, and the registration area and meeting room layout made things go smoothly and facilitated quicker mingling.

The afternoon AUI session was the best-attended to date and I was very impressed by the high level of engagement. The level of discussion and feedback from users was simply amazing. We are fortunate to have customers with that intensity of customer ownership of the AUI.

All in all this year’s NUG was a huge success. I’d like to thank everyone who participated and for showing your appreciation for what is one of the most important events on our calendar.

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