Nautel Moves to Environmentally-Friendly Chromium-Free Aluminum Coating

Nautel is changing its aluminum conversion coating to a process that no longer uses environmentally unfriendly hexavalent chromium (Cr6).

Historically, Nautel’s conversion coating process for aluminum parts contained Cr6, identifiable by the “gold” appearance of its existing un-painted aluminum parts. Nautel is making a global switch to a completely chromium-free coating process.

This new chromium-free coating is clear which results in the natural colour of aluminum (silver) to be visible. It is environmentally friendly and RoHS legislation-compliant providing substrate surface pacification and coating adhesion that meets or exceeds the chromium-containing coating.

The result is the same corrosion resistance you’ve come to expect from Nautel but with a much friendlier environmental footprint.

The change will be applicable to all aluminum transmitter parts, with the process of converting all parts to the chromium-free plating starting in January 2018.

So, if you order a replacement part and it looks silver instead of gold, know that it is protected even though it may look a little different from the other components in your transmitter.

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