How you benefit from Nautel Improvements to Existing Transmitters over the long-term


When you make an investment in a transmitter, you have expectations and needs that stretch well into the future. At Nautel we understand this. We have built the company around this long-term view. It permeates everything we do; from how we manage and finance the company, to how we approach design, to the investment we make in support including our philosophy of never discontinuing support on a product, ever.
As a result of this philosophy, we are 100% committed to continuous improvement. Sure, some manufacturers practice improvement for new products as they roll out the factory door. But at Nautel, we make improvements over the long-term, and introduce substantial new functionality to already-installed Nautel transmitters. Here are some examples…

Nautel-NX-NV-Transmitters-Families Release 4 for NV and NX: Substantial New Functionality

Thanks to your support, Nautel has a community of more than 3,500 AUI users worldwide. Earlier this year we embarked on a major initiative to bring all of our AUI-capable transmitters onto a common software release. This not only improved existing functionality but added major new functionality too. In fact, the NV release notes outline over 12 pages of improvements and new functionality; addressing everything from the ability of AUI administrators to create custom users with varying permissions to the inclusion of Network Time Protocol (NTP) support.

The first platforms to receive Release 4 were the NX Series and NV Series. If you have not yet upgraded, we strongly encourage you to review the release notes (accessible from our Latest Software page) and start benefiting from the many man-years of work that went in to this release.


Release 4 Now Available for VS

December sees the Release 4 rollouts continue. This significant upgrade is now available for the VS Series and we highly recommend that you view the install tutorial video we created (see link below) to ensure your upgrade is as smooth as possible. VS Release 4.0 highlights include:

  • SNMP Traps
  • AUI Meter Memory
  • Port Forwarding
  • Secured SMTP Password
  • Omnia Direct (MPX over AES) (may require hardware upgrade)
  • Icecast Support
  • New Scheduler
  • New Playlist Editor
  • Phone Home
  • NTP (for super accurate clock)
  • MER Meters (HD-Radio applications)
  • AUI Call-Sign Display

To learn more about what’s in this release and get step-by-step upgrade instructions, we’ve created a helpful webinar called Upgrading VS Series to Release 4.0 Software >

The latest edition of all software releases can be found on our Latest Software page or via Nautel’s Updater and Manager automatic notifications if you have this installed.



nautel-hd-radio-mer-instrumentation-aui-spectrum HD Radio Modulation Error Ratio (MER) Instrumentation

Modulation Error Ratio (MER) test functionality is a major piece of new functionality in Release 4 worthy of separate mention. The measurements follow the new NRSC FM standard and do not require external equipment.

MER metering is accessible from the Nautel Advanced User Interface (AUI) Constellation View display and may be viewed from the front panel 17” LCD touch-screen or via the Internet. Real-time MER provides the ability to diagnose issues such as interference with MP3 carriers near the analog signal due to FM analog signal over-modulation.

MER is available on Nautel NV and NX Series transmitters and now the VS Series with software release 4.0 or higher.

Learn more about MER >


OmniaDirect or MPX over AES

Another major piece of new functionality in Release 4 is the award-winning MPX over AES capability for the NV Series.

In a nutshell, with MPX over AES you finally have the digital equivalent of the analog BNC-to-BNC composite (mpx) connection, where you can take the output of the audio processor’s stereo generator and couple it directly to the modulator of the exciter. This enables the exciter to modulate, with precision, whatever the processor delivers.

While Omnia Direct is a new software feature of Release 4.x it requires hardware capabilities found in all NV Series transmitters and also available in currently shipping versions of NVLT and VS transmitters. Nautel is also investigating hardware upgrade options that could allow MPX over AES support for older NVLT and VS users.

Learn more about MPX over AES>

nautel-transmitter-NV40-open NV Power Symmetry Software: Optimum PS Loading and Higher Efficiency

With NV Series transmitters, Nautel packed more switching power supplies into a transmitter than ever before. Consider an NV40 which uses 32 power supplies. To ensure that the output currents from all of the power supplies are optimally balanced, Nautel has developed an automated software algorithm called Power Symmetry.

A major goal of Power Symmetry is to maximize the service life of the power supplies by ensuring they are minimally stressed thanks to uniform current loading. Efficiency is a second benefit of current balancing. The advanced algorithms used can achieve a more optimized nullification of the reject power being fed into the reject load. This power efficiency gain can approach 1% and add up to thousands of dollars of power savings over the life of your transmitter.

Power Symmetry software is available now at no charge by implementing the 4.x upgrade version of the Release 4 software. Go to Latest Software >


Phone Home: Helping Nautel Help You

Phone Home enables our customer service technicians to use the vast amount of data collected by your Nautel transmitter to provide you with even better levels of service.

Once enabled by a broadcaster, Phone Home proactively sends operational information to a Customer Service cloud via the internet. Armed with the richest possible data about your transmitter, Nautel support staff can not only quickly diagnose current issues but also proactively identify problems that may show themselves in the future.

The data includes logs, alarms and meter readings which are stored in a database to be analyzed by Nautel staff if an alarm is reported by the transmitter. Since all data is pushed out by the transmitter to the Nautel cloud, there is no need to reconfigure your firewall and potentially compromise your transmitter’s security. All data transfers are one way. If needed and permitted, Nautel can access the transmitter’s AUI via TCP/IP to conduct further diagnostics, reset alarms and determine which part of the transmitter is having an issue.

Phone Home is available as a feature of the Advanced User Interface (AUI) on NV, NVLT, VS transmitters using the latest 4.x software release. NX Series support coming in January, 2014.Go to Latest Software >

Learn more about Phone Home >


To summarize, in all of the cases outlined above, Nautel is making investments to enhance your experience in owning and operating a Nautel transmitter. We hope that you will be able to take advantage of these capabilities and ask that you to stay tuned for additional enhancements we will share in the coming months

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