Tips on Surviving IBC, by Wendell Lonergan


Amsterdam, the land of trains, trams and bicycles, and the continent’s largest broadcast show – IBC.

I have been attending the IBC show for several years and thought it would be fun to share some thoughts that may make your visit there more productive and enjoyable.
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nautel-ibc-amsterdam-gvb-tram-map Most people will experience Schipol airport as their first destination in the Netherlands.

Once you get through customs formalities you will be in the land of the Euro. Once you convert your currency you are ready to continue to your chosen hotel, B&B or accommodation of your choice. You can choose a taxi but it can be pretty expensive, so why not enjoy the European culture and take a train.

Here is where a bit of homework will pay off. From Schipol you can take the train to Central Station or go east to Station Zuid (south). From either of these destinations the tram lines cover the various districts in Amsterdam.

Visit Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (GVB) website to see the tram lines and schedules. If you click on a tram line it will display the location of the trams on that line and when it should arrive at a particular stop.

Amsterdam has several tourist attractions like the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Rambrandt House museum and canal tours etc. which are well documented and easy to find.

Remember that IBC takes place in September when Amsterdam gets its fair share of rainy weather so bring an umbrella.

When you are walking to a tram stop you will see that there are bicycle lanes next to the streets and the cyclists have the right of way… you will quickly get used to the ching ching of a bike bell warning you to get out of the way!

A bike is actually a fantastic way to enjoy Amsterdam. I recommend renting a bike (some hotels offer them free) and cycling through the green areas of Beatrixpark and Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest).



nautel-ibc-amsterdam-dutch-food Eventually you will get hungry and there are certainly lots of places to eat with many international cuisines offered.

The touristy places are just that… a selection of crowded eateries serving common fare, oh and note that your frites will likely come with mayonnaise not ketchup, and a steak will come with brown sauce.

Again here is where a bit of homework pays off. There are many small restaurants, some pub style that are fantastic; none cheap and some can be quite expensive. The Dutch are great cooks so get off the beaten track and enjoy.


Once it’s time to get to work, the RAI center is located in the south part of Amsterdam and has excellent train and tram access.

If you are attending as an Exhibitor, you would normally get an e-mail that has a QR code or bar code that will be used when you register. Registration will get you a badge that will allow you access to the showroom floors BUT only if you are wearing safety shoes. These are expensive to buy locally and are not available on site at the RAI center, so if you’re an exhibitor be sure to bring safety shoes with you. Each year the RAI center increases their visibility with respect to a safe working environment and let’s be honest, we all want an injury free event.

If you are coming as a Visitor, please feel free to register in advance using code 4507 to gain FREE entry to IBC Exhibition from Nautel’s events page. Join us on Saturday 10th, 3:30pm – 5:00pm, in Hall 8 at Stand C49 for our “DRM30 – Expanding the Limit” presentation. In fact drop by the booth anytime to discuss AM, FM or TV projects or challenges that you may have.

nautel-ibc-amsterdam-airport-taxi After the show has concluded and you leave the RAI with your new found solutions and a bag full of booth swag, you will have to plan your departure from Amsterdam.

If you have a morning flight that requires you to go to the airport early and decide to use a taxi, note that you will have to book that taxi the night before.

That’s my brief contribution to your travels to Amsterdam. I wish you all safe travels and I look forward to seeing you at IBC!

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