What’s New in Customer Service?

John Wilton joined the Nautel support team as Manager, Customer Service in August 2017.

John brings a customer-centric approach and is making some improvements that will enable
Nautel Customer Service to be more efficient in its processes and better serve our customers.

New Phone System

A new telephony system will be launched throughout Nautel at the beginning of 2018. This new system will bring the entire Customer Service Team – whether they’re located within the walls of our plants in Canada and the U.S., or remotely in a satellite office – under the same platform thus ensuring uninterrupted service to our customers.

The new system’s reporting feature will enable Customer Service to better understand when customers are trying to contact Nautel. As calls arrive they will be time-stamped and over time this knowledge will enable us to staff up or down throughout the day according to our customers’ needs.

As always, Nautel Customer Service will continue to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency assistance.

Parts & Service Quoting Improvements

The Customer Service Team is about to embark on a review of its quoting process. The goal is to provide customers with timely responses on parts and service requests.

Currently, most quotes are actioned and responded to within one or two business days, but more complex quotes can take up to several weeks to process due to end-of-life parts and/or requiring engineering support.

By reviewing and improving the quoting process, we hope to shorten these longer wait times, use reports to better measure success, and build our Customer Service team members’ knowledge and skills.

‘How to’ Support Videos Refresh

Ryan Swinamer, a Senior Customer Service Technician, is working on a refresh of Nautel’s ‘How-To’ Support Videos with current versions of transmitter software. These short videos cover popular topics such as configuration, operation and maintenance of your Nautel transmitter.

We’ve heard from customers that they find these videos helpful, informative and a useful alternative to calling Support. Robert Schwein, Chief Engineer at WVAO-LP, recently told us “your ‘How-To Support’ videos for the VS Series are a great idea…. for those of us who are trying to use these videos instead of pestering support, we would greatly benefit from videos using current versions of the software.” While we had already started the process to update these videos, it’s great to hear validation from customers like Robert!

Stay tuned and watch for new and improved videos coming soon in the Support section of the Nautel website >>

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