From the Ground Up

At Nautel we take a ground-up approach to the design and manufacture of our transmitters; allowing us to not only maintain the high level of quality expected by our customers, but also to nurture the in-house expertise that allows for fast prototyping with the same tools and processes that will be used in production.


Nautel-Transmitter-Smart-DesignIt starts with the engineers – a product is conceptualized, the plans laid out digitally and the numbers crunched. Our engineering team is focused on developing highly innovative, industry leading products while maintaining Nautel’s reputation of building products that can withstand years of trouble-free service in the field. Our designers get the chance to see their dreams become reality. From initial CAD drawings to testing prototypes, to fully functional products.

With the move to digital in the broadcast industry, Nautel recognized the need for a more digital approach to transmitter technology. Our team of software engineers is made up of highly experienced developers who design the programs that make our transmitters tick. Nautel has gained much acclaim for embracing the digital revolution in the broadcast industry and has one of the most innovative digital user interfaces available.

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Nautel-Building-Best-Transmitters-ProductionProduction is where the final product starts to takes shape.

Light assembly stitches together the numerous circuit boards and components that are at the heart of a Nautel transmitter.

Fabrication shapes aluminium at our in-house machine shop to create cabinets and components that will one day be found peppered across the globe. It is important at this stage to consider the various climates and conditions that our products will be subjected to and designing components built to withstand the abuse.

Final assembly ties everything together, running wires and mounting components with the skill and speed of a neurosurgeon.

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Once everything is complete it is time to flip the switch. All Nautel transmitters are fully tested before leaving the door. Our engineers routinely run transmitters at powers exceeding that which would be found at even the most powerful transmitter site in the country.

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Nautel PackagingPackaging & Shipping

At Nautel packaging is not simply the final phase of manufacturing but an integral component of a constantly-evolving, highly-efficient production process. We design smart packaging solutions; optimize the balance between adequately protecting the transmitter during shipment while limiting the amount of packaging required and keeping shipping costs low.

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Customer Service

Once the product is out the door our job is far from over. Nautel’s highly capable technical support team has over 131 years of combined industry experience and is recognized as being among the best and most knowledgable in the industry. Providing friendly 24/7 telephone support or traveling to the transmitter site to troubleshoot a problem, Nautel customer support staff are dedicated to working with our customers until the problem is solved.

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