HD Radio in Canada

Chuck Kelly and Gary Manteuffel of Nautel with special guests Paul Brenner of Emmis Communications, Jeff Detweiler of Xperi Corp and Kirk Nesbitt of Canadian Association of Broadcasters discuss Continue reading →

Getting Content To and From the Transmitter Site

A dream-team, six-person panel discussion on available data transport options for studio to transmitter site communications. Continue reading →

Building for a Billion

India’s nationwide digital deployment in-depth with Chuck Kelly, Stephen Farley and Rakesh Aggarwal (Comcon Industries) who go behind the scenes to explore this complex multi-site high power MW deployment. Continue reading →

HD Radio SFN with Field Trials

Host Chuck Kelly and guest, research engineer Philipp Schmid, discuss an HD SFN (Single Frequency Network) method that enables seamless transition between separate HD transmitters on an SFN, including field trials information from KUSC, Los Angeles. Continue reading →

Easier and More Affordable HD Radio

Host Chuck Kelly and research engineer Philipp Schmid on how Nautel’s latest developments translate into easier and more affordable HD Radio. See the new HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter, utilizing DTS’ GEN 4, in action, and learn about the new NVLT HD upgrade and our work in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) for HD Radio. Continue reading →

HD Radio Innovation featuring Nautel HD PowerBoost Gen4 and HD Multiplex

Chuck Kelly and Philipp Schmid discuss the newest generation of HD PowerBoost and Nautel’s HD Multiplex technology. Continue reading →

HD Radio™ Transmission in 2014

Nautel’s Chuck Kelly and Mike Woods discuss the latest trends and developments surrounding HD Radio(TM) technology.
Wed, February 12, 2014. Continue reading →

Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] for Maximum Modulation and Station Loudness

Chuck Kelly and Frank Foti detail the fully digital transmission chain Omnia Direct [MPX over AES].
Thur, August 1, 2013. Continue reading →

Introducing MER Instrumentation for HD Radio

Brian Walker and Chuck Kelly discuss the built-in MER instrumentation available in Nautel NV and NX transmitters broadcasting in HD Radio.
Wed, May 22, 2013. Continue reading →

Overview of the NPR HD Radio Power Calculator Tool

Overview of the NPR HD Radio Power Calculator Tool with Chuck Kelly and special guest Sam Goldman of NPR Labs.
Wed, Aug 8, 2012. Continue reading →

Asymmetrical Sidebands and HD PowerBoost for Improved HD Radio Coverage

Wed, December 15, 2010. Continue reading →

Presentacion de Nautel Sobre HD Radio (spanish)

Wed, October 20, 2010. Continue reading →

International HD Radio Tutorial

Wed, October 6, 2010. Continue reading →

International DRM Tutorial Webinar

Wed, September 22, 2010. Continue reading →

-10dB HD Radio Solutions

Wed, March 24, 2010. Continue reading →

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