HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter at NAB 2017

Philipp Schmid introduces the Nautel HD MultiCast+ Importer/Exporter which is an affordable, high performance HD Radio multicast system. Continue reading →

HD Radio SFN at NAB 2017

Maximum HD coverage with HD Radio SFN by Philipp Schmid Continue reading →

NVLT Now Upgradable to HD Radio at NAB 2017

Nautel NVLT transmitters now have an upgrade path to HD Radio. Continue reading →

HD Radio – The Big Picture at NAB 2017

HD Radio update from Chuck Kelly. Continue reading →

HD Radio Innovations at NAB 2016

Philipp Schmid provides an update on the newest HD Radio technologies including binaural mice and HD Multiplex. Continue reading →

Introducing Nautel HD Multiplex Technology at NAB 2015

Philipp Schmid announces the development of Nautel HD Multiplex, a technology that will enable the placement of up to 15 audio streams or stations within 600 kHz of signal bandwidth or up to 9 audio streams in 400 kHz of signal bandwidth. Continue reading →

Modulation Error Ratio (MER) Instrumentation Demo at NAB 2013

Head of Development Mike Woods demonstrates Nautel’s new Modulation Error Ratio (MER) instrumentation on an NV10 at NAB 2013.  MER is part of software package 4.0 and is shipping with all new products and is available as a field upgrade for current Nautel customers. Continue reading →

Jump 2 Go at the Nautel Booth at NAB 2012

Allen Hartle demonstrates Jump 2 Go’s new Artist Experience and the Jump Gate HD. Continue reading →

DRM+ Demo with Nautel VS1 and VSHD Digital Box at NAB 2011

Alexander Zink from Fraunhofer IIS and Dr. Jens Schroeder from RFmondial demonstrate a complete DRM transmission chain running live in the Nautel booth at NAB 2011. The DRM demo utilizes a Nautel VS1 transmitter and the VSHD digital radio box for operating the transmitter in DRM digital mode. Continue reading →

Nautel HD Powerboost at NAB 2010 in Las Vegas

Research Engineer Philipp Schmid demonstrates Nautel’s new HD Powerboost technology live from the NAB 2010 show floor. Powerboost utilizes Peak to Average Power Reduction (PAPR) technology developed by Nautel to allow increased IBOC injection levels, giving broadcasters the headroom needed to increase to -14dB or possibly -10dB. HD powerboost can increase power output by up to 30% and can increase efficiency by as much as 7%. Continue reading →

Demonstrating Asymmetrical Sidebands at NAB 2010

Nautel Research Engineer Philipp Schmid demonstrates a asymmetrical sidebands (-14dB and -10dB) on an NV10 live from the floor of the 2010 NAB show in Las Vegas. Continue reading →

Nautel NX50 Medium Wave running IBOC and DRM live

Chuck Kelly, Jamin Barret and Wendell Lonergan demonstrate Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI) running on an NX50 with DRM, IBOC and analog signals. Continue reading →

Nautel – HD Coverage Tool Kit demo at NAB 2009

Research Engineer Philipp Schmid demonstrates the new HD Coverage Tool Kit from Nautel on a live studio setup featuring the new Importer Plus and Exporter Plus. Watch as Philipp demonstrates, for the first time, a full IBOC HD Radio and FM IBOC on-channel booster. This new technology allows broadcasters to fill in gaps in their protected contour resulting in seamless IBOC coverage and addresses time-align issues.

The new HD Coverage Tool Kit also features technology that will allow broadcasters to inject local content into satellite delivered systems. This means that data such as station identification can be integrated into the HD1, HD2 and FM digital streams. Continue reading →

DRM+ Demo at Nautel Booth – NAB 2009

Alexander Zink of Fraunhofer demonstrates the first commercial grade DRM+ transmission system at the Nautel booth. Nautel teamed up with Fraunhofer and RFmondial to bring DRM+ live to NAB 2009. Continue reading →


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