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FM—Repack’s Innocent Bystanders


A significant number of FM stations will be impacted by the TV repack. In this article based on his NUG presentation at NAB 2018, Gary Liebisch discusses how to know if you are affected, what you can do about it, and the timetable for doing it.

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The Future of HD Radio®


Nautel Research Engineer, Philipp Schmid, proposes that one possible, and bright, future path for HD Radio is all-digital operation. The award-winning ‘Experimental All Digital ON-AIR Testing’ at the NAB show using Nautel’s HD Multiplex technology started conversation in the industry on what an all-digital transition may look like.

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New Chromium-Free Coating Process


Unpainted aluminum transmitter parts are going to look different. Due to a safer and more environmentally-friendly chromium-free coating process, parts will look silver instead of gold. The result is the same corrosion resistance you’ve come to expect but minimized environmental impact.

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Customer Service Update by John Wilton


John Wilton, Manager of Customer Service, outlines improvements that will enable Nautel Support to be more efficient in its processes and better serve customers. Improvements include: a new phone system; parts & service quoting process improvements; and a refresh of our ‘How to’ Support videos.

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Translators by Jeff Welton


Translators are a hot topic. Nautel recently sponsored an eBook on translators which covered information related to considering, acquiring or building a translator facility. Now our knowledgeable Jeff Welton adds his thoughts and considerations in this useful article.

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Chuck Kelly’s Reflections on NAB


Apart from the fun of seeing so many friends, and the agony of the toes each evening, Chuck was struck at this year’s NAB by the feeling that somehow, HD RadioTM has turned a corner.

In past years, HD Radio was an important technology in certain markets with the destination of analog plus HD1, HD2 and HD3 and maybe some traffic data. This year though, there was all that, plus two new ideas, both spawned from the fertile mind of our Philipp Schmid.

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Andy Berry’s NUG Meeting Wrap-Up


With over 300 in attendance at this year’s annual [email protected] event, it was fantastic to see such large participation from our customers and was a wonderful opportunity to meet with both old and new friends.

Andy met customers who’ve never missed a NUG meeting and said it’s the MUST-attend part of NAB, others came by our booth to apologize for missing it for the first time. Our presenters were well received; we were told they accurately reflected what’s happening at Nautel and in the industry.

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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety for Broadcasters


Tim Hardy, Nautel’s Head of Engineering, talks about how to manage electrical safety at broadcast sites.

Specific topics covered include: the necessary elements of an effective electrical safety program; the required steps to implement such a program including an arc flash study; training; as well as useful references.

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Safety Best Practices

Station Safety Best Practices


Like the broadcast engineers we serve and support, many Nautel personnel work with hazards such as high voltages and RF.

No one wants injuries at their workplace, so this article aims to share some of what we do at Nautel and suggest ways that stations might use similar initiatives to formalize their own safety policies.

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Tips for Surviving IBC


Wendell Lonergan, Nautel’s Head of Broadcast Sales, has been attending IBC for several years and thought it would be fun to share some thoughts that may make your visit more productive and enjoyable.

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Spotlight on Kevin Rodgers, Nautel’s New CEO


What happens when a thriving company’s Director of Customer Service, Kevin Rodgers, takes over as President and CEO? The focus on the customer – which is already very strong – becomes even more intensive.

In addition to being a shareholder and board member of the company for many years, Kevin has long had “boots on the ground” in terms of the day-to-day operations of the company, especially when it comes to Nautel’s customer-driven processes. Kevin has been with Nautel for three decades, most recently serving as Director of Customer Service, where he grew the department to what it is today.

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What’s New in Customer Service?


In April, 2014, Andy Berry joined the Nautel support team as Manager, Customer Service. An explorer at heart, Andy has a passion for discovering new ways of enhancing the customer experience.

In this article, Andy outlines what’s new in customer service including the completion of Release 4.0 software for all major transmitter product lines, and the results of a recent Pulse Survey he conducted to check if customers really are enjoying the peace of mind that our brand promises.

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Ted’s Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Version 4.0


Has it been a while since you upgraded your transmitter software? The past year saw the release of version 4.0 software for all of our major transmitter product lines. This was the culmination of years of effort, including hundreds of enhancements.

If you haven’t upgraded to version 4, you’re missing out. Are you wondering why you should bother? Ted Coldwell, Nautel Software Manager, has compiled five reasons why he recommends upgrading to the latest software.

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How you benefit from Nautel Improvements to Existing Transmitters over the long-term


At Nautel, we’re 100% committed to continuous improvement. It permeates everything we do; from how we manage and finance the company, to how we approach design, to the investment we make in support including our philosophy of never discontinuing support on a product, ever.

We make long-term investments to enhance your experience in owning and operating a Nautel transmitter, and are committed to introducing substantial new functionality to already-installed Nautel transmitters.

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Spotlight on Nautel Founder Dennis Covill; Member of the Order of Canada


Nautel founder Dennis Covill has been appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada for his contribution to engineering and science. A pioneer in the transmitter industry, Covill used revolutionary technologies to design transmitters with smaller footprints, capabilities for redundancy, hot-swapping of modules, and other technologies now considered “basic” to the transmitter industry. Read the story behind how Covill created a culture of engineering excellence at Nautel, now one of the world’s leading companies in its field.

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Major Investment Positions Nautel for Future Success


Nautel launched an extensive upgrade to production equipment at its Bangor, Maine manufacturing facility. These improvements help improve efficiency and capacity and poise the company for significant future growth. Decisions like this have allowed Nautel to nearly triple revenues and dramatically increase shipments in the past few years while maintaining the same factory footprints.

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Physical Considerations When Buying a Transmitter


While a lot of focus is spent on comparing specifications, performance and efficiency when buying a new transmitter, Scott Marchand – Nautel’s FM Project Leader – highlights that there are many physical attributes of modern transmitter design that also deserve consideration.

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Radio Innovation Comes Full Circle in Quincy, IL


Here’s an interesting story about the reason behind the location of Nautel’s Quincy customer service office. Learn how the invention of the car radio ultimately leads Nautel to Quincy, IL many decades later.

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Nautel at IBC 2012 Wrap-Up


John Macdonald, the newest member of the Nautel sales team, had his first opportunity to join colleagues in presenting Nautel’s wide range of advanced products to customers at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam. John shares his experience direct from the show floor.

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Multiple Customers Use MDCL to Huge Success


Hear from four different customers running MDCL on a total of 11 Nautel transmitters – both new (NX) and old (XR, XL & ND). They share how easy it was to implement MDCL, which algorithm they used, their actual power savings, and the zero impact on station coverage and audio quality.

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Who Says Customer Service Can’t Innovate?


Going beyond the typical toll-free 24/7 telephone and email technical support services, Nautel’s technical support team, under the leadership of Kevin Rodgers, offers several innovative initiatives to help ‘keep broadcasters on the air no matter what.’

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Saving Power with MDCL now FCC Approved

Saving Power with MDCL now FCC Approved


Tim Hardy, Nautel’s Head of Engineering and a long-time advocate of energy-saving transmitter technologies by AM stations recently lobbied the FCC to establish procedures for the use of Carrier Control Algorithms by AM broadcasters in the U.S.

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DRM India Trial Transmitter Site

Nautel’s VS1 puts DRM+ On-Air in India


A Nautel VS1 transmitter with VSDRM+ exciter contributes to success in India’s DRM+ trial organized by All India Radio (AIR) and the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) Consortium.

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Nautel’s Smart Packaging Design


Read how Nautel designs ‘Smart Packaging’ solutions using both heavy-duty wooden shipping crates as well as newly-designed cardboard shipping boxes for the VS Series transmitters.

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Why FAT is Cool!


Nautel customer Rolin Lintag gives three justifications he uses in order to get Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) approved by employers, and shares his handy FAT checklist you should never go without.

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Building Quality Products with Smart Design


We interview Jim Evans, Head of Operations who explains how Nautel’s design processes and manufacturing processes build quality and ‘Smart Design’ into each transmitter at every step along the way.

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How Nautel Tests a Transmitter


We interview Tim Oakes, Supervisor of Final Test for his perspective on what’s special about Nautel’s testing procedure.

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Total Cost of Ownership


Read our quick and simple explanation for calculating Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a new capital expense.

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Saving Power in AM Transmitters


Nautel’s Head of Engineering, Tim Hardy illustrates how advances in AM transmitter technology has significantly improved power efficiency and reduced energy costs vs. older inefficient tube transmitters.

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Digital Radio Showcase Articles


Nautel Waves newsletter column featuring technical news and information regarding in-band digital radio solutions.

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Tips ‘n Tricks Articles


Nautel Waves newsletter column featuring ways to get the most out of your Nautel products. Tips ‘n Tricks is currently written by Jeff Welton, Nautel Sales Manager for Central USA.

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