Radio Manufacturer Makes Waves in the Middle East

Digital Production Middle East, March 11, 2014 Continue reading →

Encore Session of Nautel/Omnia [MPX over AES] Webinar Scheduled

Popularity of Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] capability for Nautel transmitters drives customer demand for additional webinar session. Continue reading →

Nautel Schedules Summer Webinars

Upcoming sessions include the VS300 as an Exciter, Omnia Direct, and PUSH Radio. Continue reading →

Nautel Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] one of RW’s 2013 ‘Cool Stuff’ Award Winners

Radio World Magazine May 22, 2013 Continue reading →

Nautel and Omnia Propose Industry Standard for MPX over AES

Award-winning technology first expressed as Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] to be opened up to industry. Continue reading →

Overview of Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] Demo at NAB 2013

Omnia Audio founder Frank Foti demonstrates the Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] system at the Nautel booth at NAB 2013. Continue reading →

Nautel Receives Two Awards at NAB 2013

Television transmitters, Omnia Direct interface to NV recognized by Broadcast Engineering and Radio World Magazines. Continue reading →

Nautel Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] Wins Radio World Cool Stuff Award at NAB

Radio World 04.15.2013 Continue reading →

Nautel & Omnia Create Digital Composite Interface

The long sought after goal of a fully digital transmission chain which doesn’t sacrifice loudness has now been realized due to collaboration between Omnia and Nautel. The Omnia Direct [MPX over AES] fully digital composite interface was demonstrated at NAB this week and will be initially available in the Omnia.11 and NV Series transmitters.

In the past, stations concerned about maximum modulation needed to use an analog composite signal. This was primarily due to the required high sample rate of A/D converters used to create discrete left/right inputs to the digital exciter. With the Omnia Direct interface, a single AES-EBU cable between the Omnia 11 and the Nautel NV Series transmitter carries the baseband signal in digital form. This 100% digital path eliminates the noise and distortion of A/D converters and reduces potential overshoots, while ensuring full FCC mask compliance. Learn More

Omnia, Nautel Collaborate on Composite Interface

Radio World 04.08.2013, Radio Magazine Apr 8, 2013 Continue reading →

Industry’s First Direct Digital Audio Processor to Transmitter Path Shown at NAB

Nautel and Omnia have jointly created a system that digitally transfers the composite output of an audio processor directly to an FM broadcast transmitter. Continue reading →


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