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Nautel has emerged as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of radio broadcast transmitters with more than 12,000 deployments in 177 countries… more»

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  • KWPZ GV40 Story

    Read about the very first GV40 transmitter installed at the summit of Mount Constitution on Orcas Island, WA. “It’s nice to put in a new transmitter, increase the HD level, and actually see a reduction in power consumption!” said Bryan Hubert of Crista Media... more»

  • HD Radio eBook

    A high-level perspective on HD Radio and update of recent changes; this eBook discusses the possible direction it will take next with comments from proponents, critics and other observers... more»

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    Use our handy Radio Coverage Tool to create colorful maps testing different scenarios or calculate a proposed IBOC power increase using our exclusive Asymmetrical IBOC Sideband Elevated Power Calculator from NPR Labs®.

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